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Will You Join Us for 15 By Fifteen?

Earlier this year, we heard about a group of women in Alberta who had decided to raise $50,000 for a project in Zambia by the time they turned 50. We were so inspired by “50 x fifty“ that we decided to do the same, and “15 x fifteen” was born.

Our goal is to raise $1500 each by the time we turn 15 in 2017. We’re only 14 after all, and $1500 is a lot of money to us, but it’s even more to women who don’t have the same privileges we get. In some countries, girls our age are already married with children. It just doesn’t seem fair.


We’re Raising Money for the Power of S.H.E.

S.H.E. stands for the Safety, Health, and Empowerment of women. We’re focusing on Guatemala, where mothers and babies are dying just because they don’t have access to
health care.

The Government of Canada is putting in 7 dollars for every dollar we raise. So if we get 10 girls doing this, that’s $1500 x 10 girls + 7 times match = $120,000. That’s a lot of money going to a great cause!

Are you 13, 14, or 15 years old?

If so, you should register now and join us as we partner with International Needs Canada to make a real difference for women and their children.
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