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Children's mental illnesses are real, common, and treatable. Yet today in the United States, this vulnerable population is caught in a vicious cycle of limited access to care, delayed treatment, and worsening illnesses.

Thank you for joining us on our ride to Break the Cycle by raising awareness and support to:

(1) fund innovative research initiatives
(2) increase the number of child and adolescent psychiatrists
(3) help ensure that children suffering in silence get the treatment they need

How to Get Started
To get started as an individual fundraiser, please register as a participant. Then, log in to explore our fundraising tools!

To get started as an event organizer, please visit our calendar of events and submit your event.

There are also several ways to donate to Break the Cycle:

Learn more about the ride at Contact with any questions.

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Thank you to our donors:

  • Shanik Berman, in loving memory of Daniel Berman $1,018.00
  • Saperstein Family $1,000.00
  • Michael Shwartz & Pam Goodman $1,000.00
  • John Schowalter $1,000.00
  • McDermott family in honor of Jack McDermott $1,000.00
  • Seattle Children's Foundation $890.00
  • Anonymous $500.00
  • Rachel Ritvo $500.00
  • The Oregon Council $500.00
  • Michael Peel $500.00
  • Jean A. Frazier, M.D. $500.00
  • Craigan Usher MD and Carrie Milligan MD $300.00
  • Doug Novins $300.00
  • Tom and Wendy Naratil $250.00
  • Scott Kollins $250.00
  • George Gammon $250.00
  • Andrew Epstein $250.00
  • Joan Narad MD $250.00
  • paul omelsky MD $250.00
  • William Wood MD $250.00
  • Dr. Shirley Alleyne $250.00
  • Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele $250.00
  • Biga $250.00
  • Anna Muelling, M.D. $200.00
  • William James Swift $200.00


To see total amount raised, visit

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