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Women Making a Difference (WMAD) partnering with International Needs Canada to provide safe and clean water in Naogaon, Bangladesh.

This is the 7th water project funded by WMAD!

The Naogaon Free School is located in rural Bangladesh. The people live in debilitating poverty and many of the children work as day labourers in local factories and in the rice fields. Life is hard for these children and an opportunity to attend school is available to only a few.   

Over 400 vulnerable children are presently receiving a quality education at the Naogaon Free School. However, many of the children are suffering from various health problems caused by poor, contaminated water sources. The school is need of a water reservoir that will ensure that fresh water is available to the children and the families in the community.

Project Summary:

The Naogaon Water Project once completed will supply fresh water for the school and orphanage year round.   Having access to safe drinking water will greatly reduce the number of waterborne diseases in the region such as cholera and diarrhea, especially in time when water is scarce but also during monsoon season when there is major flooding.

The water project will also be accessible to families in the community which will reduce the burden for local women who have to collect water daily, often at a great distance.

Naogaon Water Project Cost: $10,000


Thank you Nancy Bolton and Women Making a Difference, for your fundraising efforts and for all of your hard work in providing fresh, clean water. This is the 7th water project undertaken by WMAD. You have brought hope and encouragement to many people in Ghana, Kenya and now Bangladesh.