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Twin Your Toilet

Twin Your Toilet and help to fund urgently needed sanitation provision/bathrooms for the children of International Needs’ Savar Children’s Village - a school for vulnerable girls and orphans located 45 minutes outside Dhaka (the capital city of Bangladesh). Last week a ceramic tile from the ceiling fell down on the ground. Thankfully there were no children in the bathroom at that time so no one was harmed. The ceiling is in very bad shape. An engineer has inspected the building and suggested to stop toilet and bathroom use of the two first and second floor bathrooms. Now the children are in dire need with 84 girls having to use a separate toilet in another college building.

  • For just $100 you can twin your smallest room with a bathroom in Bangladesh Savar Village. You will receive a certificate as recognition of your donation which can be hung with pride in your bathroom at home.

  • Give a 'toilet twinning' gift certificate to a family member or friend

  • Twin your office bathroom......

  • A plaque/donor board in the new Savar bathrooms will acknowledge any donations of $1000+

Savar Village includes a large courtyard, school dormitories, and a medical clinic and hosts 250 orphans and vulnerable girls from various regions in Bangladesh. Due to damp weather, poor ventilation and the long term use of the campus buildings, cracks and openings have begun forming in the structures and water slips through when it rains, creating an unhealthy environment for the children and those who care for them. Upgrades are urgently needed throughout the campus and in particular the second and third floor bathrooms have become unsafe to use. As a consequence the children are having to share limited facilities from a neighbouring college.

1 in 3 people across the world don’t have somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Bad sanitation is one of the world’s biggest killers: it hits women, children, old and sick people hardest. Every minute, a child under the age of five dies because of dirty water and poor sanitation. Around half the people in the world have an illness caused by bad sanitation.

For every toilet twinned $100 will be matched with a further $100 (up to $5000) thanks to the generosity of
PERMA-DRY of Moncton.