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Women Making a Difference (WMAD) partnering with International Needs Canada to provide safe and clean water in Kebenu, Ghana.

This is the 8th water project funded by WMAD!

Samuel sits in class but he’s finding it difficult to concentrate. His head hurts and he’s experiencing abdominal pain. He did not have breakfast this morning because his stomach didn’t feel right. Sadly, this pattern repeats itself not only for Samuel, but for other children in his neighbourhood.

Their local school, Togbe Aho Memorial School in Kebenu, Ghana, does not have on site access to safe drinking water. For a few hours each morning, potable water is available through a community pipe 150 metres from the school, for a fee.

However, by 8:30 AM, the pipe is closed, the water collected has run out and students resort to drinking water from contaminated streams. These unsafe streams cause waterborne illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever.

Project Summary:

Women Making a Difference (WMAD), in partnership with International Needs, is undertaking their eighth water project. The Kebenu Water Project will extend the underground community water pipe to reach two new water storage tanks on the school grounds.

One of the tanks will serve the school kitchen and kindergarten to grade three students, while the other tank will serve grades four to nine. A water pump will be installed to provide an easy flow from the community pipe to the water storage tanks. Veronica Buckets will collect any runoff water and be used for handwashing purposes. Students and staff will be positively affected by this clean water project.


Kebenu Water Project Cost: $15,000

Your support can help make waterborne illnesses a thing of the past for the children at Togbe Aho Memorial School. Their education and long-term wellbeing are dependent on it. Please give generously.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Improved health for children with a reduced prevalence for water related infections and illnesses.
  • Seven Veronica Buckets will be placed for handwashing purposes.
  • Education towards the practice of positive sanitation and hygiene habits.
  • Pupils and staff will be taught efficient water management.
  • The Parent Teacher Association will be engaged towards contributing to maintenance costs.


Thank you Nancy Bolton and Women Making a Difference, for your fundraising efforts and for all of your hard work in providing fresh, clean water. This is the 8th water project undertaken by WMAD. You have brought hope and encouragement to many people in Ghana, Kenya and Bangladesh.