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Clean Water for Nanankor

Women Making a Difference (WMAD) is partnering with International Needs Canada to build a water treatment plant in Nanankor, Ghana.

The Problem

Nanankor is a community of small villages and farming hamlets in eastern Ghana. There’s no electricity or cell phone service, the roads are in terrible condition, and there’s no access to health care. But the greatest need is for water. Residents currently fetch water from either the river or hand-dug wells. Both sources are untreated and cause cholera, Guinea Worm Disease, typhoid, and dysentery. This community is especially vulnerable to a COVID-19 outbreak, because there’s no water for hand washing or personal hygiene.

The Project

Women Making a Difference (WMAD), is partnering with International Needs again to launch their 10th water project: a water treatment plant and handwashing stations in Nanankor. WMAD hopes to raise the entire amount – $26,000.

Thank You WMAD

Thank you, Nancy Bolton and Women Making a Difference, for your fundraising efforts to provide fresh, clean water. You are bringing hope and encouragement to many people in Ghana.

“Having clean water near our homes means that we will no longer have to walk to the river to fetch water. Safe water will make our community a lot healthier.” • Mawusi