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Women Making a Difference (WMAD) partnering with International Needs Canada to provide safe and clean water in Nanankor, Ghana.

Clean Water for Nanankor - A Big Step Toward Community Health

Samuel sits in class but he’s finding it difficult to concentrate. His head hurts and he’s experiencing abdominal pain. How he wishes that he didn’t feel like this! Sadly, it’s a pattern that repeats itself not only for Samuel, but for other children in the community.

Nanankor is a community of small villages and farm hamlets in Eastern Ghana. The main occupation of the people is farming. Major crops are maize, plantain, cassava, and cocoa. The men prepare the land and cultivate it, while the women are responsible for marketing the produce.

Poor roads make it difficult and costly to transport the produce to markets. The children attend classes at their local Primary School, while older students walk a considerable distance for secondary education at Kukua, and Mangoase.

Even though Nanankor has no electricity, poor roads, no cell phone access, and no healthcare services, their greatest need is for safe drinking water. The people drink water from the river or open, hand-dug wells. These water sources are unsafe and cause illness and painful diseases such as Cholera, Guinea Worm Disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. To add to their concerns, a young man drowned recently while fetching water at the river. This has made the people very fearful for their families, and desperate for access to safe, clean water in their community.

Project Summary:

Women Making a Difference (WMAD), in partnership with International Needs, is undertaking their 9th water project. What an impact! The Nanankor Water Project will bring clean water to the community and greatly reduce the risk of illness among the children and their families. Healthy children go to school and are able to concentrate on their studies. Healthy adults are happier and more productive. Your support will help pave the way to a healthier and more prosperous community. Please give generously, today.

“Having clean water near our homes means that we will no longer have to walk to the river to fetch water. Safe water will make our community a lot healthier.”
•  Mawusi



Thank you Nancy Bolton and Women Making a Difference, for your fundraising efforts and for all of your hard work in providing fresh, clean water. This is the 9th water project undertaken by WMAD. You have brought hope and encouragement to many people in Ghana, Kenya and Bangladesh.