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A New Truck for ZACTS


What an exciting story!

A few years ago, ZACTS school for orphans and vulnerable children was getting ready to close; today there are 650 students attending. Much of the recent success is thanks to the income generating poultry and vegetable farm International Needs Zambia built on the fertile land adjacent to the school. It’s been so rewarding to see this community take ownership and build the farm into a successful commercial venture.

The Need

The farm needs a new truck to ship chickens and vegetables to market. They have a lot of product that will spoil if they can’t ship it.

2x Matching Donation!

One of our long-time donors and volunteers has offered to contribute up to $10,000 to match any donations for the truck.

Will you contribute to this very worthy cause?

Your gift will help the school generate income and allow more vulnerable children to attend ZACTS school.


From L. to R. - Laurie Scott, Warren Nyimba, Murray Scott, Benani Ilowa