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Women Making a Difference partnering with International Needs Canada to provide safe and clean water in Kenya.

Limuru is an agricultural town, 40 km from Nairobi, Kenya, widely known for producing high quality teas. International Needs Kenya has worked for many years in Limuru, protecting youth from drug and alcohol abuse.

In recent years, water scarcity—caused by years of recurrent droughts, poor management of water supplies, contamination of available water, population growth, and lack of government investment in rural water supply—has become a major barrier to community development.

International Needs Kenya aims to improve water and sanitation standards by drilling a borehole at its premises in Limuru. Providing a better water supply will improve Limuru’s quality of life and serve as a catalyst for socio-economic development. A new borehole will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing groundwater which is naturally protected from bacterial contamination and is reliable during periods of drought. The planned borehole is required to be 250 to 300 feet deep to ensure optimum water quality as defined by the World Health Organization’s standards.

Project Summary:

International Needs Kenya aims to provide safe, clean and cost effective water supply and sanitation services to household in Limuru, contributing to the community goals of poverty reduction and socio-economic development. The increased availability of water is, however, insufficient to produce the benefits that are envisioned and attainable. Building on its record of accomplishment with youth, International Needs Kenya will provide the community education and empowerment resources required to achieve social progress.

Short Term Goals
  • By providing a water source the project will remove the burden of children and youth having to purchase water for themselves.
  • International Needs Kenya will gain the capacity to keep goats and rabbits and train youth in animal husbandry.
  • Through the sale of the animals, International Needs Kenya will be able to sustain the borehole pump.
  • Youth will be able to earn an income and learn a new, desirable skill.

Long Term Goals
International Needs Kenya will be able to:

  • Teach and promote healthy water management, sanitation practices (e.g. rainwater harvesting) and environmental protection in surrounding communities.
  • Educate youth in decision-making regarding domestic, agricultural and ecosystem uses of water, balancing their economic and social needs, values and sustainability.
  • Promote hand washing, safe water storage and appropriate excreta disposal throughout communities.
  • Strengthen communities by fostering behaviours that facilitate the influx of economic opportunities.

How You Can Help:

The Limuru Borehole Project is a matching grant initiative. Your help is deeply appreciated. A 2-to-1 match is available to a maximum of $25, 000. Your generous support of this challenge will accelerate our sustainable development efforts in Limuru.

Project Cost: $50,000