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$3,980 raised to date

$10,000 personal goal

39% goal reached

My personal message

Thank you reaching this page! Jack and I are hiking 75 km (just the two of us so far) celebrating Jack's 70th birthday and his passion for hospice care in Ontario, commencing May 3rd at the Bob Kemp Hospice in Hamilton. Our route will include stops at the hospices in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga and then joining the DLH hike in Etobicoke on May 7th. We join together with Adam, Shannon and Laura Toombs on May 7th to complete the Dorothy Ley Hospice walk. It starts at noon. Please check out our blog for what we've been doing to get ready for our big hike. Help support us and please pass along our journey to any of your friends who have been touched by Hospice care. Maggie


  • Brian and Sherril Johnson - $1,000
  • Lynda Douglas - $500
  • Rae and Peter Aust - $500
  • Maggie Cooper - $500
  • Cheryl Nesbitt - $250
  • scott and deborah bond - $200
  • Jane. Wilton - $200
  • Judy Switzer - $200
  • Rose and Lucio Di Clemente - $200
  • Trish Wardrop - $100
  • Joanne and Dave - $100
  • Barbara Hume-Wright - $100
  • Sandra Duncan - $100
  • Maggie Manion - $30



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