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I'm riding for the children of Iowa!! Join AACAP and Andrés Martin, MD, MPH, on our ride across the nation to spread awareness about children’s mental illnesses. As an organization dedicated to children’s health, we want all to know that children’s mental illnesses are real, common, and treatable. Together, we want to spread awareness and also break the stigma associated with mental illnesses. I dedicate my two days of riding on this journey to the children of Iowa. Iowa is the second to last state in the country for the number of state mental health hospital beds, by reports from the Treatment Advocacy Center. In these reports, Iowa consistently ranks in the bottom five of all states in every single category of mental health programs and services. In the 2017 Mental Health in America rankings, Iowa sank to one of the lowest ranks in the country, due to our high prevalence of mental illness combined with low rates of access to care. Iowa is better than this. Iowa has a strong history of leading the way in mental health research and treatment but we are currently in a crisis. Let's come together to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens, children who suffer from psychiatric problems, are not forgotten!


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  • Anonymous - $25.00
  • Karen Muller Smith - $25.00



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