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Team's message

We have been volunteering and supporting Lab Rescue in various capacities for 15 years since we adopted our first lab in 2000. This year rather than being a volunteer to help during the event, we will be walking the Lab Rescue Dog Walk. All proceeds support Lab Rescue of the LRCP. Each year, Lab Rescue saves and places approximately 1,000 Labrador Retrievers into loving new homes. The dog walk not only saves lives - it’s a fun day for dogs and people alike. It is open to all breeds of dogs and to Labs rescued from shelters or with other organizations. It’s an event that celebrates our love of Labs. We very much appreciate your support in helping us reach our fundraising goal and in helping Lab Rescue reach its goal of raising $110,000 to provide veterinary treatment for the Labs that come into their care.


Team's donations
  • Angela Raedel - $50.00
  • David & Leona Illig - $100.00
  • Valorie Harrison - $25.00
  • Pat & Janet - $50.00



$345.00 raised to date

$400.00 Team's goal

86%goal reached



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