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The Cooper Family is hiking in support of The Dorothy Ley Hospice for the 15th year on May 7th. We are adding a major twist this year. In celebration of my 70th Birthday, Maggie and I are hiking 75km, commencing on May 3rd in Hamilton at the Bob Kemp Hospice. Our route will include stops at the hospices in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga and joining the DLH Hike in Etobicoke on May 7th. Check out our blog,, as we will keep you updated as we train, hike, visit other hospices, and interact along our journey. Hike for Hospice represents a great deal to me. In 2006, Paul Ginou, my Board Chair predecessor and I made a pact to remain involved in The Dorothy Ley Hospice until comfortable self sustainability was achieved. Within a month of our pact Paul was diagnosed with cancer. He died the following April. As I have told his wife, Ann, I will honour our pact, which is my long term goal. We need your support to reach our fund raising goal, which is to far exceed the $20,000 we raised last year. Our Team, Coopers for Hospice, has a stretch goal this year of raising $50,000, based on our faith in friends of Hospice reacting to our journey. Please click on Sponsor Me Now to donate. You can help us do this with your pledge, but also by please passing the word along to your friends who may have been touched by Hospice. Thank you in advance for your support.


Team donations
  • Farmboy - $200
  • Paul Kelly - $250
  • Patty and Randy Grimes - $250
  • Emilio $ Rose - $100
  • james wheeler - $500
  • Willie and Louise - $100
  • Snow Family - $50
  • Jay Carfagnini and Karen Trimble - $500
  • John and Penny Green - $100
  • Katie Flynn - $250
  • Nick Ruiter - $250
  • sister sue - $100
  • Alex Harvey - $500
  • Stacey & Michael O'Rourke - $25
  • Barry Mutis - $50
  • Sue & Emil - $75
  • Robert Kittel - $100
  • Anonymous - $100



$25,125 raised to date

$50,000 Team goal

50%goal reached



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