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This September my team and I will be joining 14,000 Canadians who are taking part in the annual Parkinson SuperWalk in support of over 100,000 Canadians with Parkinson's. Parkinson SuperWalk is Parkinson Society Canada's national, once a year event to raise funds for research into the causes of Parkinson's, better treatments and one day, a cure. Together we raise funds for education and support services, not only for people with Parkinson's, but for their caregivers and family members too. When you walk with usor sponsor one of our team members, you help us get closer to this year's goal of $3.3 million. Select a team member by clicking on one of the names above/below. Every dollar means new hope. Thank you!


Team donations



$1025.00 raised to date

$1000.00 Team goal

102%goal reached



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