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12 - 12:45 - Opening Act - Lucas Chaisson

1:10 - 1:55 - Act 2 - Red Ram 

2:20 - 3:05 - Act 3 - Lyra Brown

3:30 - 4:15 - Closing Act - White Lightning




Lucas Chaisson 

Telling Time, Lucas’ latest release, made its debut at #2 on the CKUA Charts, and remained in the Top 30 for over a month. Lucas was pleased to recently receive a 2015 WCMA nomination for “Roots Solo Recording of the Year” as well as a place on the Edmonton Music Prize Short-List.



Red Ram

Red Ram is known for cutting-edge sounds, skilled songwriting, polished variations and a wide appeal. The former Sonic 102.9 Band of the Month mixes modern and vintage sounds, melding rockin' riffs with head-spinning electro breaks and putting forward fresh ideas while maintaining a gritty, indie work ethic. One thing is certain: Red Ram produces catchy tunes that smack of innovation and creativity. Made up of longtime Edmonton musicians Mark Feduk, Bill George, Sean Brewer and Brandon Baker - Red Ram is a band you don't want to miss!


Lyra Brown

Born and raised in Edmonton, Lyra began studying piano and theory at the age of 5. Lyra's musical ear and innate penchant for words rapidly blossomed as she began writing songs in her early teens.

In January 2015, her debut album The Language of Eyes was released. This labour of love gained respected media attention and she was interviewed by the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Examiner, Vue Magazine and Opalus Magazine. As her airplay increased, she was a featured artist on CBC Radio One: The Key of A radio show. On the heels of performing to a sold out audience for her CD release at The Artery, tracks from her CD leapt on to the radio charts at CJSR and CKUA radio. 

Lyra's eclectic influences lend to her distinct sound, placing her in a genre beyond convention. Her songbird voice and insightful material captivate the ear and mind alike. Her blend of classical/indie/folk/rock yields a sonorous style, igniting the imagination of the listener. She looks forward to further developing as an artist: writing, performing and recording her next album.


White Lightning

White Lightning is the musical lovechild of KC and the Sunshine Band and The Black Keys. They deliver an explosive live performance showcasing their clear musical sensibility and style, inspired by multiple decades of artistic influences.