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CRC makes a difference

CRC has been providing practical assistance to Torontonians marginalized by poverty since 1964. As a multi-service agency, we work with the residents of Regent Park, Moss Park, and the surrounding neighbourhoods to realize their potential and contribute to a better community.

CRC does immediate relief work to meet basic needs and capacity building to address systemic poverty issues. In 2015, we served 62,000 healthy nutrient-dense meals, had 3,488 visits to our clothing, shower and laundry program, housed 110 people, and had 1,066 significant housing support actions.

Our 40 Oaks building consists of 87 units of deeply affordable, safe, stable, housing that serves as a foundation for tenants to build better lives and develop positive community relationships. It is the only not-for-profit social housing in Regent Park.

40 Oaks is also the home of CRC's 5,000 square foot community hub where people have access to a range of activities and support services geared to their needs. Food skills, community advocacy, gardening, and our community enterprises programs are key elements in building capacity.

In our housing programs we connect hard-to-house individuals with housing, prevent people from being evicted, and provide people a safe, stable, affordable place to live.

In partnership with Community Food Centres Canada, CRC operates the Regent Park Community Food Centre, one of only six such centres across the country. Participants learn about nutrition, develop new cooking skills, become community gardeners, and grow healthy food.

Our community advocacy program supports residents to become more effective advocates for themselves and their community. Our community advocates provide one-on-one peer assistance to community members about income supports, housing, and legal services.

Finally, CRC does all this great work with a team of dedicated volunteers - over 200 last year, who gave us 29,000 hours of their time.

CRC has impact.

When you support the work of CRC, it means people experiencing poverty and living on the margins can find a place where they belong, share their skills and interests, and begin to give back to the wider community.

Our work results in real change and has an immediate impact on someone’s life – giving them dignity and self-worth. Our work is an investment in our community and in the possibility of a better future for our neighbours in Regent Park.

You can help build a better Toronto!

You may ask yourself (or hear other people ask) if there really is anything that one single person can do to actually have an effect on their community. The short answer is “yes!” It would have been impossible for CRC to have had the impact it has had on the Regent Park community without the support of individuals like yourself. Building a community is difficult, rebuilding one takes imagination and commitment. With your support, we can continue to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our community.


CRC Mission: Building Lives. Creating Community. Together.

CRC Vision: CRC is a welcoming place where people work together effectively to meet their basic needs, achieve personal growth and help create an inclusive and cohesive community.

CRC Values: We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. This means that we welcome, value and respect everyone.

Charitable registration number: 108114133 RR0001 (Toronto Christian Resource Centre)