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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you're sitting down, planning your epic team costumes, fundraising plans and so much more and thinking, I wonder if........... Hopefully all of the "I wonder if's" are answered below. If not, feel free to contact event organizer, Melody Courtney at


How many runners do I need for my team?
Each team should have 4-6 runners, any more than that and it gets tricky, and any less than that it gets heavy! You are welcome to have as many people as you can gather to be part of the team, and have your cheerleading section for when you run the race!

Can someone ride in the bed?
Although that would be super cool and fun (I would be calling dibs on that for sure) our insurance company tells us that it is not a good idea! If your bed décor includes a dummy, that's ok, we just need to refrain from any actual people, or animals in the bed while being pushed! You can lay in it when you are done to take a break :)

Can I bring my four legged family members with me?
We welcome all furry family members to come out to the event and join you! Please be sure to keep pets on a leash at all times, as well as clean up after them.

I am STARVING!!! What should I do?
We wouldn't want anyone to be running the race hangry, that's for sure! We have you covered. We will be serving a light breakfast in the morning, as well as a delish lunch in the afternoon. If you are STILL hungry after this, there are many amazing restaurants in the Kingsway which we highly encourage you to try!

Do I HAVE to wear a costume?
Nobody wants to be a party pooper! The crazier the better with costumes, let your hair down and get your fancy on! After all, it isn't every day that you can get away with walking down the street in a pirate costume........ or maybe you can? We won't hold it against you though if you don't wear one, we just strongly encourage it! 

Where exactly is the main stage area?
This year we have a NEW LOCATION! The main stage area will be on Bloor Street West at Brentwood

Where can I park my car?
There is ample street parking in the Kingsway, as well as Green P parking. Please follow street signs and do not park illegally. We wouldn't want anyone getting parking tickets!