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Happiness is... Hospice 

We are so excited to announce that this year for Hike for Hospice we will be featuring a t-shirt from the Happiness Is Inc... Company titled `Happiness is... Hospice``. Happiness is Inc. is a brand new company founded by Gordon Carton at the age of 95. A WWII vet and passionate Canadian, we learned of Gordon`s amazing story and knew we wanted to be a part of his happiness movement. Upon learning more about Hospice, Gordon knew he wanted to share his happiness with us to create a limited edition t-shirt `Happiness is... Hospice`. We hope that you will join us by purchasing your t-shirt today and wearing it for Hike, and during Hospice Palliative Care Week. We’re hoping that by wearing these shirts, you can help start some conversations about Hospice.

The design of the t-shirt will be the one shown above, but will read Hospice instead of Canada. Each shirt will sell for $22 (this is a special price from Gordon as the shirts retail for $45 in stores)

Here is How to Order 

Follow these easy steps and be on the road to getting your t-shirt in just a few short weeks!