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We are thrilled to welcome back Tony Paglia and the Nomads as the evening's entertainment! The event will also feature a special guest appearance and performance by Mason Greer and Michael Hanson (former drummer of Glass Tiger).

The Nomads were assembled by singer/guitar player Tony Paglia. The Nomads, from the start, had a fiery passion and attention to detail that was unique and true to every note in their bodies. The Nomads are a versatile and real band that play together all the time and they have amassed a song list that is unheard of. Every night, and in all situations, this band delivers. Visit their website to learn more about them.

Tony Paglia and the Nomads at the 2016 Starr's on the Credit


Michael Hanson is the original drummer and founder of Glass Tiger. With five Juno Awards, a Grammy nomination, and multi-platinum sales worldwide, Michael has continued on to be one of the most well-known songwriters and producers in North America. Michael is working with up and coming singer Mason Greer. Michael and Mason are currently preparing for their second Canadian release this summer under Radar Love Records, the label that Michael founded. Mason is releasing his second song called "Unreal". He is also an anthem singer for Toronto Maple Leafs sporting events.

Michael Hanson and Mason Greer