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The Magic of a Wish

Granting a wish is a wonderful, magical and moving experience.

The realization of a wish come true has a profound effect – not only on the child who has the life-threatening illness – but on the child’s family, the volunteers and all of the caring supporters who make the wish happen. Having a wish granted fills children with hope, strength and joy. In fact, medical evidence suggests that the experience helps to make ill children stronger – stronger to fight ongoing treatment.


« Once the wish granted, you stayed present in our life ».
Marilou’s Mother


« We had magical and unforgatabletime that will forever stay in our mind».
Félix’s Mother

It is possible to adopt a wish of a child between 3 to 17 years with a donation of $10,000 or more towards our Foundation. The financial investment provided by the donors ensures that the Foundation have the funds available to grant the wishes of every eligible child.
This program allows the donors to follow the child’s wish throughout the process. It is a moving and fulfilling experience that will change the wish child's life forever.

Make a wish come true, change a child's life!



After giving your donation, you will be given a specific wish to you, your group, your organization or your company.

Then, you'll be receiving emails on any updates about his wish.

Afterwards, you'll receive your wish child story and a photo to demonstrate how your generosity helped a wish come true.


  Ryley, 4, went to check if 
the Loch Ness monster exists!

Eloise has a whole new room 
redecorated on the theme of riding!