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The Partners

International Needs Canada is looking to launch their program in partnership with:

  1. Rotary Canada (led by the Lincoln-Grimsby Tri-Club)

  2. Rotary Guatemala (led by Juan Carlos Rodriguez Paniagua)

  3. UNAPER (a group of Guatemalan doctors who specialize in perinatal care)

  4. International Needs Canada (an NGO that specializes in community development in 40 countries around the world)


This is a group of enthusiastic Canadian visionaries who desire to serve humanity and carry the vision to other local clubs, and help tap into the resources of Rotary International. From a strong base, other clubs would be invited into a ‘cluster’ to gain leverage for a Global Grant application that would be initiated in Guatemala.


is one of the most influential Rotary clubs in Central America. In May 2017, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Paniagua, the incoming President of Guatemala Sur, visited Ontario and presented the need for this project at clubs in the Golden Horseshoe. He believes that combining resources this project can be given the momentum it needs to get off the ground, at which point it will attract supporters for Phases 2 and 3. Ideally the Global Grant application would be initiated by the Sur club.


is a group of visionary physicians who are tired of watching mothers and babies die needlessly before, during, and after birth. Registered as a non-profit association with the Guatemalan government in 2015, UNAPER's Board of Directors has the professional experience and passion to empower women to overcome the challenges faced by so many in their country. The physicians themselves are volunteering their time to develop the program, including the TBA curriculum by providing training in consultation with the government.


operates the philosophy that real change must come from within; that only Guatemalans will bring lasting change to Guatemala. This is just one of the reasons CEO David Marshall is excited about this project - The Guatemalan partners are deeply engaged. International Needs Canada will serve as a facilitator and link between all the partners. A team of Canadian doctors coordinated by International Needs Canada's Chief Medical officer, Dr Neal Stretch will volunteer their time to provide specialist advice and support for this project.

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