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You are invited to NOT attend the


 Please do not DRESS UP! Please do not HIRE A BABYSITTER! Please do not LEAVE YOUR COZY COUCH!


This delicious dinner will not be happening. 

There will be no shopping to do, no cooking, no preparation and most of all, no guilt if you decide not to go to something you said you would attend. 

Your support comes from simply making a donation, and using the time you would have spent hosting/attending an event to spend with friends, family, or just by yourself.  Think of it as 3 hours, completely paid for! 

How it works...

You donate...
You will NOT receive...
But instead, your money will ...
 $25 an entree - chicken, fish or vegetarian
help off-set the costs of recreation opportunities/local attractions for children and adults with a disability through the Community Activity Fund.
 $50 a three course meal - amazing appetizer, main entree, and delicious dessert
keep the Autism Spectrum Connection website current with resources specific to autism for families and people on the spectrum.
 $100 a three course meal for two, including drinks
pay for two staff people/weekly to facilitate the Open Space social group.
 $150 a three course meal for two, drinks and transportation
sponsor a participant to attend our Summer Program for one week.
 $300 a three course meal for two, drinks, transportation, and an afternoon of pampering
cover the cost of a gathering for those affected by autism - a place for families to connect with others.
 $500 a three course meal for two, drinks, transportation, pampering and shopping spree!
hire a 1:1 worker to ensure camper has a successful week at camp

This is your opportunity to show your support for EAFWR by not attending the first annual gather2gether NON-EVENT event!

Show your support by donating from your couch or office chair today!